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The Mid-America Nursing & Allied-Health Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization founded in Sept. 2019 by Mrs. Susan N. Omare for the express purpose of raising funds to assist students in paying for tuition at Mid-America Nursing & Allied-Health Institute (MANAHI), a  Kansas-based school training the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Located at 10000 West 75th Street, Suite 241, in Merriam, Kansas, MANAHI offers extensive healthcare training with flexible class schedules. MANAHI program offerings include Dental Assistant, EKG Technician, Medical Assistant, Medication Aide, Nurse Aide, Phlebotomy, and much more.

Local government financial assistance is available to those who qualify, but many times, that assistance is just not enough when it comes to someone in need.

The Mid-America Nursing & Allied-Health Foundation is seeking donations from any business, organization, or individuals willing to help pave the way to success for an underprivileged student striving to become a front-line healthcare worker, according to MANAHI President & Founder Mrs. Susan N. Omare.

“We have a lot of people interested in our healthcare programs, but money has always been the issue,” she said. “Some people can get funding from the Workforce Partnership, which is a government agency that can provide some level of funding, but sometimes it’s not enough. So having a foundation that’s able to raise money, no matter how small a donation may be, will always be a huge help.”

The MANAHI Nurse Aide program is $825, and while this is a very affordable amount of money for many people, Mrs. Omare is quick to point out that this is a price that just as many people cannot afford in these trying economic times.

“In 2020, we received our first check to the Foundation for $500, …to a student who does not have the complete tuition for a Nurse Aide program, that $500 represents being able to finish their program,” she said. “We welcome donations from any individual or organization willing to make a difference in someone’s life. There are many individuals throughout the community wanting to go to school who just need a little help.”  Our recent donation of $5,000 from an “angel” has is making a big difference in some households – getting students to finish the Nurse Aide course.

Funding is not simply doled out on a first-come, first-served basis, Mrs. Omare said; there are strict criteria that must be met if prospective MANAHI students wish to receive financial assistance through donated funds that the Mid-America Nursing & Allied-Health Foundation will be making available.

“If someone is interested in attending a program, to qualify for the money the student must not only demonstrate a need for it, but also commitment to finish the program,” she said. “Finishing the programs means not coming in late every day or absent. The individual isn’t just getting free money…they have to demonstrate that they’re going to finish what they started and see the program through to the end.”

Mrs. Omare said that she takes pride in having come to the United States almost 25 years ago and now making a difference in the community – serving Kansas and the neighboring states. Since MANAHI opened, it has attracted students from across the country due to its stellar reputation for producing highly qualified healthcare professionals who have gone on to work in various fields.

In addition to sponsoring students to achieve their academic goals, donations can also go toward funding state-of-the-art nursing simulation lab equipment. COVID 19 has changed the face of education and now more than ever before, the need for online simulations by academic institutions has increased. With clinical sites shut down because of COVID 19, the need for simulation technology will provide cutting-edge education for our students. Funding a nursing and allied-health simulation lab will provide students with real-life sessions across the lifespan of patient care.  In the absence of going to actual nursing communities or clinical sites, simulation labs.

We invite you to consider making a generous donation to help individuals in need to get trained and get hired.

A gift of education is a gift of a lifetime. 

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