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Our Mission & Vision

At Mid-America Nursing & Allied-Health Institute, we offer Pre-Nursing and Allied Health programs geared toward empowering individuals who are looking to start careers in the healthcare industry.

Our Mission

Mid-America Nursing & Allied-Health Institute

is dedicated to enriching the communities with quality and highly trained nursing and allied health professionals at an affordable cost with flexible schedules. We lay the foundation for the best healthcare professionals of the future by empowering our students with the hands-on skills they need to exceed the expectations of future employers.

Our Vision

Mid-America Nursing & Allied-Health Institute

will be the exemplary learning institution where every student will achieve his or her maximum potential excelling academically in an environment that fosters collaboration, diversity, and equality.

Forge a Path to Your Success

At Mid-America Nursing & Allied-Health Institute, we offer allied health programs geared toward empowering individuals who are looking to start careers in the healthcare industry.

The demand for trade schools has risen dramatically in the past few years as many people in the current economy have sought other career paths, and the focus is the healthcare industry. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, for example, projects that by 2022 the demand for nursing assistants will grow by 21%; medication assistant positions are projected to grow by 34%, and projected growth for phlebotomists is estimated at 25% from 2014 to 2024. To meet this demand, Mid-America Nursing & Allied-Health Institute has joined other healthcare training schools in the community to offer a variety of high-demand health care programs that will fill these needs and get individuals on the path to rewarding careers in the healthcare industry.

Additionally, Mid-America Nursing & Allied-Health Insititute offers CPR/BLS training that prepares both health care professionals and non-healthcare professionals to respond to emergency situations while waiting for emergency first responders. CPR Certification transforms bystanders into lifesavers and provides individuals with the tools needed to take swift, and potentially life-saving, action.

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